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Wishful Thinking

150 Old School Way (PO Box 573) Nashville, IN 47448  |  (812) 988-7009

Artist Trading Cards (ATC)


Looking to have a little fun and sharpen your creative skills at the same time?  Join us in an Artist Trading Cards (or ATC's) swap at Wishful Thinking!  Not only will you be able to play with all your fabulous scrapbooking and stamping tools and products, you'll have a blast while you create these little cards.  You'll be able to increase the number of ATC's in your own personal collection, too. Seeing work from other crafting enthusiasts like you will also get those creative juices flowing!  Anyone can join in the fun, no matter your skill level!  Oh, and did we mention this is FREE to do?

Similar in size to a baseball trading card (2.5" x 3.5"), crafters use this small canvas to work on to create fun cards that will be shared with others in the swap.  There's a new theme every month which we post online and announce in our newsletters.  Simply make 6 cards and get 5 in return from the other fabulous artists in the swap.  You can make them all the same design, or all different - it's up to you!  At the end of the swap, we'll post them on our website (see below).  Don’t forget to sign the back with your contact information in case another artist would like to contact you about your ATC.

Drop off your ATCs at the shop by the 15th of each month and you'll get to choose which ATC's you'd like to take home AND you'll receive a FREE GIFT for playing in the Swap!

Can't make it to the shop? No worries!  Send them to us with a self-addressed envelope with return postage. Our address is Wishful Thinking, PO Box 573, Nashville, IN 47448. Please write Hand Cancel on your envelopes so your ATCs will arrive safely. You’ll also receive a FREE GIFT for playing in the Swap!

If you need some inspiration, check below for samples from previous swaps.  Or, if you are at the shop, we have albums full of past swaps, just ask to see them.  And if you find yourself needing something to make your cards, just poke around on our website to see if you can find those perfect stickers, dies or papers that will make this month's theme a reality.  If you still have questions, send us an email or give us a call and we'll help you out.

Really, anyone can do this so what are you waiting for? 


Upcoming ATC Themes:

    • JulyCelebrate America It's the USA's birthday, so let's celebrate!
    • August - Ice Cream Definitely a favorite treat in the summer!
    • September - Farm Critters Chickens, cows, goats, and any other animal you'll find on a farm.
    • October - Black Cats There's something spooky about black cats on Halloween!

    June 2021 ATC Swap: Ladybugs

    Artists: Marilyn R, Susan S, Marlene M, Karen W, Jenny P, Charlotte H, Sally R

    May 2021 ATC Swap: Gnomes

    Artists: Marilyn R, Susan S, Marlene M, Karen W, Jenny P, Charlotte H, Sally R

    April 2021 ATC Swap: Easter Baskets

    Artists: Marilyn R, Linda V, Charlotte H, Susan S, Sally R, Marlene M, Jenny P


    March 2021 ATC Swap: Leprechauns

    Artists: Michelle E, Robin S, Marilyn R, Sally R, Susan S, Charlotte H, Jenny P, Karen W, Marlene M


    February 2021 ATC Swap: Hearts

    Artists: Marlene M, Marilyn R, Charlotte H, Susan S, Sally R, Jenny P, Robin S


    January 2021 ATC Swap: Silver & Blue

    Artists: Karen W, Denise S, Jenny P, Sally R, Marilyn R, Robin S, Susan S, Charlotte H, Marlene M


    Previous ATC Swaps: 2020


    The themes from 2020 were: Scarves, Red Cardinals, Leprechauns, Umbrella, I Spy Something Pink, Busy Bees, Birthday Celebrations, Turtles, Covid-19, Skeletons, Owls and Christmas Trees.  

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    Wishful Thinking

    Located in the heart of scenic Nashville, Indiana, Wishful Thinking offers high quality scrapbooking and stamping supplies you are not likely to find in chain stores or at other so-called craft stores. We welcome you to shop with us online!  We'd love to see you in person, too, so you can see our entire product selection.  Any questions or need more info on a product? Call us at the shop and we'll be happy to help!