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Wishful Thinking

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Accordion Brag Book Tips

Accordion Brag Books can be ordered in several different options (call for pricing)

  • Black Accordion/Black Frames
  • Black Accordion/Cream Frames
  • Cream Accordion/Black Frames
  • Cream Accoridon/Cream Frames
  • White Accordion/White Frames
  • With or Without Mulberry Covers - Handmade Plum Silk or Dark Green Silk

Let your imagination run wild when you create your accordion brag book. Below are some of our hints and ideas.

  • Use mulberry paper, scrapbook paper, wallpaper samples, old maps, etc., to cover the cardboard pieces that make up the front and back of your book
  • Cover your rectangular frames with scrapbook or mulberry papers. It may be difficult to use scrapbook papers to cover oval frames; try mulberry instead
  • Alternate your frames when you adhere them to your accordion piece -- square, oval, square, oval, etc.
  • Experiment with the frames in different directions: turn the frame so the picture is either on the top or the bottom. Or, turn them sideways (you may need to trim the frame to fit the accordion piece).
  • Use an Xacto knife to cut the rectangular opening to make it a little larger if your picture is too big. Cutting the oval frame is possible, but more difficult.
  • Before adhering the frame to the accordion piece, punch a fun or interesting shape in your frame and let the background peek through.
  • Embellish your book with stickers (Jolees!), fibers, ribbons, ticket stubs, etc.
  • Use eyelets or corner punches on your frames to attach ribbons and fun fibers before adhering to the accordion piece.
  • Use a corner punch on your frame and glue a contrasting color paper underneath for added color and interest.
  • Put a journal on the back of the accordion piece to tell your story.
Alternate Your Frames

Stickers & Jolees to Decorate

Mulberry Paper Cover & Eyelets

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Wishful Thinking

Located in the heart of scenic Nashville, Indiana, Wishful Thinking offers high quality scrapbooking and stamping supplies you are not likely to find in chain stores or at other so-called craft stores.